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About this publication

dr. heap is an independent publication launched in May 2024 by Hans-Dieter Hiep. The goals of this publication are:

  1. To widely and effectively communicate scientific ideas concerning the foundations of computer science and software engineering (including logic, programming language theory, and program correctness).
  2. To provide open access on-line courses that help with understanding the foundations of computer science and software engineering (including how computer programs can be designed to ensure their correctness).

All articles are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0.
© Copyright remains reserved to the original author(s).
ISSN: 3050-5224

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Articles are continuously updated. Some articles are also available in PDF. As always on the web, visitor information can be tracked without cookies. See the most recent traffic report.


If you would like to publish your article on dr. heap, please first contact Hans-Dieter Hiep by e-mail before sending your manuscript to discuss the details of your article. If you already (pre-)published your article elsewhere but would like a public review about your work, please also send an e-mail.
Note: there is NO guarantee that your work will be read, reviewed, or published (about).


The content provided by this publication is for informational and educational purposes only. Opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of any organization—including the current and future employers of the author(s)—or any of their affiliations and/or associations.

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